My daughter was stuck. I had put her on the plane to go see her dad, like we do every Christmas Break for the past 6 years. This year was different. This was second time she would make the flight by herself. No flight attendant to make sure she was at her correct gate or to make sure she made the next connection. So she was delayed leaving and got stuck at her next airport because she missed the connection.


That’s what I called it. I was told that wasn’t the right word because she was leaving on the next available flight. 10 PM. She had to spend the after noon hanging out in an airport. It isn’t fun for any of us; but I was concerned because that was my baby who had to go to the help desk and figure this all out by herself. I mean her dad guided through it all; but it still is very worrisome for her mama.

It really sucks when things don’t go according to plan. I am always annoyed and have slight moments of panic attacks. I don’t handle change of direction with the most graceful of spirits. I am admittedly high strung. I like a schedule and I like when people keep their word.

I have been stuck lately. It must be the winter blues. I am not sure what else to call it. I have been doing my morning routine thing: Wake, energize, and work out. It’s something else. I am trying to put my finger on it. I think it comes down to feeling stuck. There’s talk of forward motion but no action behind it. I can write out my goals, talk about my dreams; but without any action I too am just stuck.

My daughter eventually made her way off to see her dad and had the best time on her vacation. She is self reflective that when she tells you the story; she will also tell you how she didn’t take in all the information because she was panicking about being stuck. I think she did great and I was so proud of her being in that situation and handling it. She had to handle it on the way back home as well. She was tired and frustrated; but she made it through.

I know I will make it through this moment in time where I feel stuck. I always feel stuck in winter. I want to hide out in my sweats, not shower and just cover up in a blanket. Or I feel like there’s no better time to get all the indoor projects done because I am stuck inside. It’s the motivation I lack. I just have to remind myself that things don’t always go as planned, and I will never have motivation to do anything if I am waiting for that to strike. I have to create it with action of just starting.

Nothing lasts forever. Not being able to fly when you wanted to or get there when you planned, but you will still get there. Some days you sleep in when you had planned to work out; that’s called self care and rescheduling. When you feel stuck in life a little grace and a little self care goes a long way ; along with doing. Action always makes our brain feel better.

Nothing last forever. Not even Winter.