Man, December is hard. It’s never been my favorite month as an adult. I am sure as a kid I had different feelings. Snow, sledding, presents.

I think it started when my Grandpa decided he had a good run and decided to go to that big pasture in the sky with his dog Lady. I still miss him so much it makes my eyes sting and my feelings run down my face. And then Betty had to join him to make sure he knew where he was going and they loaded up the ol’ RV and drove down the road.
Then my ex-father in law fought cancer and decided it was all his body could take; so he stuck one more feather in his hat and whistled his dogs and they took him home. I miss his phone calls around bull riding and NFR time. He would always call to tell me it was on and hang up. He loved those Brazilian Bull riders. I think it would have fun to take him Vegas one time for the NFR.

Those are just three people I miss most in December. So, putting up a tree and wrapping things up is a hard task when I would rather just skip it all. Adulting. But I know it’s not all about me and I have to remember this is not the way anyone who has passed on would want us to live. Life is too short to walk around in a pity party. Those aren’t my favorite parties anyway.

So I create those routines around December that make me remember that it’s about love. I make cookies, I put on Hallmark channel (Because what’s better then watching small town happily ever after every time?), decorate a tree, and watch my favorite Christmas movies. I make everyone in my little family suffer through my sappy moments and sit down with me to watch the movies.

This year I choose to live in love. I choose to look at the snow flying as a good thing. I pray that we have moisture stick and this spring we see grass perk up and grow. I choose to see the cold as a good thing because it teaches me to appreciate those first warm Spring days. I will choose to live in love. It’s easier to see the Angels in my life when I actively look for them. If anything loss has taught me that life is short and to keep your eye on the love. It’s every where. Some days you have to look a little harder and squint a bit; but it’s there.

December is lonely but it doesn’t need to be. Lead with love and get out of your own way. Family is what you make it and someone may need a little more love this month. Just live a little more like a 6 year old. Full of excitement, writing letters to Santa, and sledding until your cheeks are rosy and your smile has gotten too big for your face. You are always welcome at our house.