Being a human in the world is a weird idea. You are born out of no where and thrust into a world where ideas and thoughts are forming and changing as you grow. Every part of your being depends on the life force around you that influences you. Think about it.

Take music. I love music. I am particularly drawn to rock. Not yelling metal. But good rock music. David Bowie, Huey Lewis and the News, AC/DC, Def Lepard. Clearly a child of the 80s. I grew up in a household that listened to mostly country music. Charlie Pride, Tom T Hall, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Keith Whitley. I do think there was an 8 track of the BeeGees in there. (If you don’t know what an 8 track is…..I am sorry for you and your childhood. Please go to google.) And then I discovered whole new ranges of music from swing to blues to classical. There are some human life forms walking around that don’t subscribe to music at all. I don’t know these creatures, but I am told they exist.

Half your life you struggle
Half your life you fly
Half your life makin’ trouble
Half your life makin’ it right
One day I’m the exception
Most days I’m just like most
Some days I’m headed in the right direction
And some days I ain’t even close

The point is this. Humans are all different. We grow up and we view the world through one lens until someone flips another in front of us. Asks us if we like lens A or B better. We haven’t looked through lens B before so some of us choose that path. That opens a whole new world to us.

I recently watched through the beauty of social media when someone made the statement of something along the line of “how do you know? you like in a small town.” That has stuck with me simply because the biased and entitled way it was said. I don’t know how to be a better human because I live in a smaller place than a bigger city? I don’t know how to treat strangers of every race of humanity with respect because I live in a smaller town? I will only agree with one point and that is living in a smaller place doesn’t expose us to every hateful, ignorant, entitled piece of conversation.
I use to say the same type of things. How do they know they have never left their home town? I have lived in different cities, they haven’t. How entitled and stuck up does that sound to you? I can also flip that around to say “How do you know? You’ve never lived in a big city?” And some of you haven’t ever left a big city.

Do you see what I am trying to say? Living in either place doesn’t make you a better human. BEING a better human any place you decide to be planted makes you a better human. Being a better human is a choice. And it’s not a choice. It shouldn’t be something that you have to decide. It should be I AM statement.

Because at the end of the day as my sister has said, “We are more alike than we are different.” We are all trying to raise children, pay our bills, take our dog for a walk, find a way to buy feed for cows and horses, find change to take the bus or buy milk. We are all trying to be better than we were yesterday. The message of who were are as HUMANS is getting lost in the noise of the YOU SHOULD.

Being human is complicated and it’s so fucking simple. Get up every single day and just put on the face of love. Lead with your heart’s fire. Lead with love. Try to listen through the lens of love. Try looking for the helpers. Actually….no, don’t try; DO!

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. ~Martin Luther King, jr.

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