Today is Craig’s birthday, so happy birthday love.

He would say he doesn’t like the attention. He does love it just a little though. Public acknowledgement of him is his love language.  Along with gifts and love. He’s a Pisces and a middle child, so he rides the fringe of being extra. In the best ways though, says this oldest child and a Scorpio.

We have been together two years or is it three? Or has it been a century? I really can’t tell on the days that end in y or on the days that end with “this mother effer….” I know that makes me seem heartless but it actually makes me the most truthful.

Because our love is imperfect and hard and it drives me absolutely crazy. Or I drive him crazy. What’s the day?

Yeah, it depends on the day.

We are really good together. We work well with each other when he’s not being bossy and I’m not being moody. He handles those swings pretty well.


We met because it wasn’t convenient or easy. We dated long distance for over a year. Why? Because we were testing boundaries and really sick of everyone’s bullshit. He kept pushing for more and I hate change ( oldest child remember?).

To this day he pushes me out of my comfort zone. Deep dish pizza start up anyone?

We adult together, we parent pretty well together and we try very hard to get out of our own way. He’s funny, smart and a leader. And he’s extra. But he’s who I chose and I choose every day; even on days that end in y.

Happy Birthday. I hope the carrot cake I’m slaving over tastes as good it looks.

 I hope all your wishes you make when you blow out your candles come true. You deserve all the good things. Cheers to another amazing trip around the sun.