Happy Halloween.

I am coming to you live from my living room sofa where I am currently waiting for the lower left side of my face to start to tingle. I was in the dentist chair for over an hour. It wasn’t horrible, but I can think of other things I would like to do for an hour. Read, day dream, look at clouds, pounder where in my journey did things go left. Think about how I shouldn’t put things off and floss more.

I had a reading done once. I was in the middle of a shit storm and a friend recommended that now would be a good time to burn some sage and get a reading. So I called the woman she recommended and drove to her lovely craftsman style house in the middle of Palo Alto CA. I sat on a firm sofa and tried not to cry. I failed. I was super stressed out and the antidepressants I had been put on hadn’t quite kicked in yet. There I sat on a sofa while a white dog sat next to me. He nudged me every so often and the nice but firm woman said he was very empathic to those in need. She also asked me a couple of questions, told me to pick out five cards and began telling me about my life; past, present and future. I still have it recorded. I listened to it recently. It was hard for me to recognize me in that recording because I sounded like a wounded bird. I very much was at the time. It was a time of change she said. She asked me I had lost a baby and I said yes, she said that child is with you every day. I have other guardians too. Which made me laugh because I can get into some shenanigans; but also made me realize that they are also the reason I have gotten out of some shenanigans. The reader went through the cards and asked me some very point blank questions. She wasn’t judging me. She wasn’t giving me advice. She was just telling me what she saw, what the cards said, and what whatever spirit that had come through to her was telling her. Simple right? And very profound. I learned so much that day. The biggest thing was that I am guided and protected; I just needed to learn to trust myself and ask for help. And to stop putting up with stupid shit.
Which is what I did.

Not a believer? That’s okay. I complete understand your skepticism. I also had my palm read at a street fair once. My personal life was such a disaster she couldn’t get into it. She just left it that I was dealing with some unresolved bullshit from my past life and until I stopped repeating the pattern; well I was f*cked. I wonder what my palms say now. I hope I have resolved some of it because I can’t imagine coming back and going ,”Well shit. This feels familiar.”

I also took my Rottweiler along to a Pet Psychic once. Yes, I am that dog mom. Free ice cream for her and I were involved. Rion was my girl. My father in law had gotten for me and she had come to me at 4 months old with every dog problem you don’t want a Rottweiler to have. She hated to be petted, she was food aggressive, and she was stubborn. A list a mile long. I got a book on Rottie’s and I learned everything I could about the breed. By a year old, she was a different, well behaved, and a cuddle bug who loved humans. So we went for a walk and ended up at the ice cream shop. The pet psychic told me things about her that I knew only could come from her. One was that she didn’t like being laughed at when she stumbled. woah. She was a known klutz. I was known to laugh at her. I apologized and stopped after that day.

I believe in spirits. I believe in guides. I believe in a higher being, light, guide, spirit, God; whatever word you chose to put in.

The house I lived in Oklahoma had a spirit living in it. Why do I know? After everything I have shared with you, you still doubt me? Fine. So I spent most of my time there alone with my daughter who was under the age of two. Just her and I hanging out. Except one day, someone else made their presence known. I love original Sun Chips. One night, I had gotten some out of the pantry and after putting them in a bowl; I left the bag on the counter. Now the kitchen in this house was rectangle in shape and had lots of counter space. I placed them at the far end next to the sink with the bag rolled down so they wouldn’t get stale. Why am I telling you this? Because I sat down to watch my show in the other room, I heard the distinct sound of a bag of chips being held(the crinkle sound) and opened. I got up and flipped on the lights to the kitchen and there sat my bag of chips. Opened and tipped over. All the way opened. As if someone was putting their hands inside to get a snack. I was sure it was a mouse. I didn’t jump right to living with a ghost. I rolled up the chip bag and put them in the pantry. This happened each time I got those chips. One time when my ex was there; he saw it happen in front of him and went into denial. He told me to put them away and it was nothing. After that incident is when I began talking to whomever was living with me. The spirit was friendly. My cat never growled. My dogs didn’t bark into an empty room. Those are the tells right? I mean not that I have ever knowingly lived with a spirit up until that day, but that’s what Ghost Hunters usually point out. Each time I had chips I left the bag open and told them to help herself/himself. I would also warn them I was putting the bag away in case they wanted more. We had a pretty good arrangement. They ate my chips and didn’t watch me shower. One night they did venture into my daughter’s room after she was asleep and woke up her toys. You know, the talking creepy ones? The ones I made sure to turn off because I didn’t want them waking up and scaring the crap out of me. Well, one little puppy began to go through the program and skipping parts where I know you had to push the paw or his chest. I went into the room and rage whispered that if they woke my baby girl I was going to be super pissed. I turned off the puppy and told her or them to get out of the room. It was quiet for the rest of the night.

All sound crazy? It probably does. I am just sharing my experiences with you on this day of ghosts and goblins. I have my bestie give me an Angel Card reading from time to time and I still meditate on my Angel and Spirit guides.

Go burn some sage tonight, charge your crystals under a full moon, and leave some Sun Chips out for some hungry spirit. Don’t forget to floss.