The sunshine hits your face and the temperature starts to climb.

Spring. She shows up just when you have lost all hope. Winter seems never ending and we all feel that push.

We’re in a rush to reach for the sun.

I’ve always said Fall is my favorite season. It’s when I was born. I love the leaves and the hoodie season, but recently I have started to appreciate Spring for the sweet spot it is.


I hate change. Did we discuss this already? I feel like we have. Let’s go over it again. Change sucks. It makes me anxious over things I can’t control.

However, change is becoming a theme

Much of change is wrapped in perfection. If I just arrange the notebooks just right before I start; than I can write. Or if I just lose these pesky 5 lbs; than I will start my work out program. See what I mean? Perfection.

Spring doesn’t wait for the conditions to be perfect. It just starts. Birds start singing louder and the flowers start to push through. They aren’t waiting on perfection.

I struggle with the start. I overthink, rethink, reorganize and talk myself out of projects because of the perfection.

Spring man, it shows up and I begin to think that I get a fresh start too. I get the chance to jump start my bucket list, think about running (no I don’t. I don’t ever think about running.), what would happen if I didn’t eat that piece of chocolate cake or what if I did start writing my novel.

Have you ever found a flower growing in the oddest place? You have right? It stopped you and you starred in wonder at this little bud reaching for the sun. No matter what. Let’s face it, you smiled a little too right? You admire it’s bravado. Why? It gives you that little ray of hope. It reminds you that if this little bud can burst through the crack in the Earth, so can you.


Whatever has been on your mind all winter long, it’s time to start. You’ve got everything in you to push through the dirt and reach for the sun.