That’s my word for 2020.

I believe it’s important to pick a word for the year. For my year. I believe it gives my mind a place to focus.

Webster’s dictionary defines the word as: to cause to turn, move or follow a straight course; to dominate and determine the course.


I picked this word simply because it spoke to me and simply because I need to focus. I need direction. I tend to be a bit scattered brained.  I am far too exhausted at the end of the day to work on myself and my goals. I get these bursts of inspiration and then the are quickly forgotten because I remember I need to focus on the task I am currently on.

Or I see something shiny.

I start every thing with a good intention. I have a dream.  I start with my notebook and I write down my goals for the month. I break it down to the week and to the day. I keep it real. The only goal I have been able to stick to so far is work out 4 days a week.  It’s the easiest thing for me. Plus it’s because I have no one and nothing on my agenda at 5:30 am.

Early morning is perfect for feeding pets and making coffee. I tend to wonder around and drink my pre-work out because it’s too early for hot coffee.  I mostly wish I had infinite amount of time in the morning to do all the brain awakening things my best self thinks. Isn’t that strange? Because if I would only be direct and intentional with my morning; I could.

The question is am I willing to do what it takes? Am I willing to shut off the tv, close the door and direct my thoughts to moving myself forward in all areas? The answer isn’t a resounding yes. It’s more a cry. A shout. Everyone else keeps pushing their dreams, goals, ideas upon me and being the pleaser, the helper, and the friend; I say yes to their dreams. I tell them they absolutely can direct themselves to achieve their goal.  I love watching them succeed. I love to clap for their wins.

It’s my turn. It’s time to step out from behind the crowd and start to lead.

Are you with me? Are you standing there starting to think about your why? You should be. You absofreakinglutely should be.  It isn’t selfish to be direct. Holding ourselves back is selfish. Pushing our dreams to the side is selfish. We have gifts. We have direction.

We were just side tracked by life. We were side tracked by the should do and you need too. We got side tracked by responsibility and jobs.  Those bills don’t pay themselves do they? Or maybe we spent so much time supporting someone else’s dream that they forgot we had one too.

This year. This year I am telling you to be Direct. I am shouting at you to stand up. Stand up for you dreams and your plans, because dude; life is short and I am here to tell you one day you’ll wake up and wonder what the hell you did with your life.