I wonder if I have some change?

Do you have any change?

I get to change!

I hate change.

I change my socks.

I change my attitude and my mind daily. Minute by minute some days right?

Real life change either gives me the hives or makes my whole day.

It’s constant. That’s my dad says.

One would think they way I have lived this life that change would get easier.

I have moved more than seven times in my life. I have been the new girl in more than one place, and that in itself has taught me about change.

I learned that letting go of what I knew and my friends was hard, but it wasn’t optional. I had to move and it pushed me to grow. I had to adapt to a whole new environment and for me that was the best thing.


It served me as life started to shift later. When I had regroup and move my life and my daughter. That was rough.

It was change.

And I hated it.

Mostly because I’m a mom and my decisions effect someone else.

I had to consider something.

Was this going to move my life forward?

Yes it did.

Adapting to change is hard. Everything in our brain screams at us to stay the same. The feelings that come up thinking about change are usually worse than the change.

How boring would our life be if everyone and everything in our life didn’t grow? Didn’t change?

Change excite us. Change pushes us. Change teaches us.

The things I went through in my life, good and bad, all changed me for the better.

Change taught me from a very early age that I can do anything.

Change taught me I can celebrate.

Change taught me I can survive and thrive.

Change has pushed me to look at life and think what I have is pretty darn amazing.

Change has taught me that even in my darkest moments I have something to learn.

Change has taught me you can’t just peek at life.

You have to kick down change’s door and embrace it.