You know that old saying. If you can believe in Santa Claus, you can believe in yourself for five minutes? I do believe in Santa Claus (explain to me where my Rubric Cube I got when I was 10 came from? Clever little elves. I peeled the stickers off too. Check. Mate.) and I have one person who believes in me.

Just one.

Well that’s not true is it. When you stop to think about how foolish that line of thinking really is… just one? Come now and take a walk with me. Get off your bed and wipe your eyes and stop with “but but I have nobody!”

Come on. I said we were walking. Leave bread crumbs because I tend to get off the trail….okay look. The funny thing about that line of thinking when you’re in it..whatever it is…is that no one can possibly understand. You’re all alone. You’re not. No really. You’re not. Stop and look around. I can name five people off the top of my head that believe in me…what? Family doesn’t count? Hmmm okay I can still get to five. I can still point to five people who looked at me and said “Get up.” Just like that. And they repeated “Get up.” In various forms of whispers until they knew I was ready for yelling part. And when the yelling part happened that’s when they turned me around and I faced myself and I said “Get up.” And I got up. Even if I had to drag myself into that belief that I could get up. They knew I needed one more person to believe. They needed me to believe in me as much as they believed in me. I got up.

Look around because someone needs you to start to whisper ” I believe in you. Get up.”

The little Engine that thought she could…

I’ve tried my luck at blogging before. It never stuck. Never felt honest or that I had a passion for it. This time is different, she shouts with her finger in the air!

I write all the time. Thinking of things to say on my IG postings. Thinking of posts for my FB Page…ahem if you would like to check that out…

Thank you….now where was I? Oh yes…

I thought I needed a little more space to get all the words out.

I’ve gone through some growing pains in the past year or five. This year I turned 45. Gasp. I started to take stock of my world. It was time to stop sitting on so much life and start to really invest and live with INTENT.

My intent is this will be my little space to share my vast knowledge of yes you cans and maybes.

After all being 45 has its perks.